US curfew on Okinawa after death

BBC News - Asia
The US military base on Japan's island of Okinawa imposes a curfew after the arrest of an ex-Marine suspected of killing a woman.

Chinese theme park 'to take on Disney'

BBC News - Asia
China's richest man opens a huge entertainment complex in the city of Nanchang to compete with Disney, which is launching its own theme park next month.

Pakistan bans TV contraceptive adverts

BBC News - Asia
Pakistan's media regulator bans commercials for family planning products after complaints that they prompted curiosity in "innocent children".

Kim Jong-un aunt 'lives American Dream'

BBC News - Asia
An aunt of North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un is running a dry-cleaning business in the US after defecting in 1998, the Washington Post reports.

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Commentary: Count on China to lead G20

As the G7 summit concluded in Japan on Friday with little fanfare, the 100-day countdown to the G20 summit in China began.

Xi underscores challenge, opportunity of aging population

President Xi Jinping has called for better care for China's aging population.

沈阳 振兴好戏在后头

&$ 本报沈阳5月28日电  (记者王金海、何勇)初夏时分,位于沈阳铁西区的中德装备制造产业园建设如火如荼:德国库卡机器人、德国纽卡特机器人、宝马研发中心等一批代表先进水平的制造企业落地。 在沈北新区虎石台地区,连片蓝色钢结构车间拔地而起,总投资75亿元的轨道车辆制造项目正在建设,3年后每年将生产3000辆轨道车辆,产值250亿元,填补沈阳轨道交通整车空白…… 作为东北振兴领头羊的沈阳,虽然面临经济增速下滑压力,但凭借精准投资的新举措,改革创新的新优势,不唯速度更求质量的振兴新路径,税收、财政、用电量等经济先行指标显暖意,老工业基地的振兴好戏还在后头。 ——精


&$   暴跌论、断崖论、崩溃论……在一些对东北经济唱衰声中,记者深入沈阳这座东北地区的区域中心城市,入企业,进社区,访居民,探访真实的沈阳经济。   单从增速上讲,今年一季度沈阳地区生产总值增幅略有下降,但一般预算收入基本持平,地方税收增长7.8%,税收占预算收入比重提高6个多百分点至84.3%,尤其是经济发展的先行指标,工业用电量和金融机构贷款余额分别增长6%和11.8%。   “在新一轮东北振兴中,在经济发展的新常态下,我们按照党中央和省委‘四个着力’的要求,追求有质量有效益可持续的发展,力争走出一条全面振兴的新路子。”辽宁省委副书记、沈阳市委书记曾维说。   精准投资,优

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同窓会、補助する自治体続々 Uターン・経済効果を期待


オバマ氏の思い、受け止めた 原爆の子の像に折り鶴続々


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23 Athletes Test Positive in Reanalysis of Doping Samples from '12 Olympics

The Chosun Ilbo
Nearly two dozen athletes have tested positive for banned drugs in a reanalysis of samples from the 2012 London Olympics, the International Olympic Committee said Friday. The 23 athletes, from six different countries and from five sports, will not be identified until a final confirmation test is car...

U.S. GDP Rises Slightly More Than Predicted

The Chosun Ilbo
The U.S. economy expanded at a disappointing annual rate in the first three months of this year, but new data show it wasn't quite as bad as first thought. The Commerce Department reported Friday that gross domestic product grew at an annual rate of eight-tenths of one percent during the first quart...

Kim Go-eun Hopes to Go Distance in Acting

The Chosun Ilbo
Actress Kim Go-eun played the role of a troubled teenager in her latest film "Canola." The film deals with an emotional bonding between a girl and her long-lost grandmother as they reunite about a decade later. "Playing a delinquent teenage girl was a little hard in the beginning of the film as I co...

Young Koreans Are Happy to Go It Alone

The Chosun Ilbo
Young Koreans are increasingly happy to eat, drink and go to the movies alone. Movie theater chain CJ CGV says 10.1 percent of all moviegoers last year watched films by themselves, and 37 percent of these solo moviegoers were in their 20s. According to Statistics Korea, 56.8 percent of Koreans enjo...

Pregnant woman tested for Zika after Fiji trip

Focus News
TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A pregnant woman from Kaohsiung and her husband were reportedly found to have contracted the Zika virus during a holiday in

World's First Transnational Tiger Reintroduction Plan

Focus News
The Royal Government of Cambodia on its commitment to protecting tigers from extinction with the passing of Cambodia's Tiger Action Plan (CTAP), which was approved

Foreign minister wants younger diplomats

Focus News
TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Foreign Minister David Lee said Saturday that the rejuvenation of diplomatic personnel was an important task following reports that more than

Taiwan to crack down on Uber

Focus News
TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Ministry of Transportation and Communications and six local city police departments will take action against Uber next month, reports said


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