• Map draft of mountains and rivers between Urumqi and Ili

    The map is part of an A6 writing pad with together 15 leaves with drawings and note by Albert Grünwedels about the first German expedition to Turfan (1902-1903) with the shelfmark TA 6876-24. The original is at the Museum für Asiatische Kunst. On the collection and projekt see here.

  • Year of the rabbit

    Extract from a Thai manuscript on the prediction of the future by means of the year of birth (sign of the zodiac), the element and the month, probably 19th century
    (Hs. or. 6568)

  • Komainu (lion-dogs) and turtle

    The Japanese handscroll Nanden shōji mozu – kensei no zu 南殿障子模圖・賢聖之圖 dating from the second half of the Edo period before 1865 shows motifs of the sliding doors of a palace in Kyoto (Libri japon. 483)