• The "I La Galigo"

    The „I La Galigo“ epic is a UNESCO world heritage und one of the longest literary works. The Buginese alphabet used is also called Lontara. (Ms. or. fol. 403, Folio 2v). Link to the digitized book

  • Manchu bannerman with his wife

     Illustrations from an export album probably made in a Canton studio (Picturae Sinicae in 5 vols, 2nd half 19th century). Link to the digitized book

  • Sugriva fights Khumbakarna

    Balinese illustration of a scene from the Indian national epic Ramayana: Ape king Sugriva fights against the Rakshasa Kumbhakarna. From: Pleyte, Cornelis Marinus: Indonesian art : selected specimens of ancient and modern art ... , 1901. The digitized version can be found here.