• Peacocks and peonies

    The book Oranda mochiwatari chōrui zuchō (オランダ持ち渡り鳥類図帖) in leporello style contains illustrations of birds and plants (here peococks and peonies), many of which are not native to Japan. The work is probably based on a model from the Netherlands. Call number: Libri japon. 440 (Link)

  • 赤道南北兩總星圖 : Star Map of the Northern and Southern Hemisphere (1634)

    The original version of this map by Adam Schall v. Bell and Xu Guangqi was done on silk but is lost today. Handed down are a few printed copies, of which some are coloured (e.g. Beijing). The copy housed at SBB consists of only the 4 paper sheets depicting the southern hemisphere and a snippet of sheet 1. (shelfmark: Libri sin. 21)

  • Treatment of epilepsy

    Cambodian manuscript on skán, a disease in newborns and its treatment with traditional medicine. Cambodians used to believe that the mother from a previous life (mday daoem) wants to take her child back and causes this disease. Link zum Digitalisat