• Tibetische Zeitung der Herrnhuter Brüdergemeinde

    Tibetan newspaper of the Moravian Church

    Published by the Moravian Church in Kyelang under the editorship of Walter Asboe (1895-1965), the newspaper appeared under the title Kye-lang xag-bvar (ཀྱེ་ལང་ཨག་བཱར) between 1927 and 1935. The content covered religious as well as secular topics. Shelfmark: Libri tibetici 13 (here vol.74)



  • Geomantic compass (Luopan 羅盤)

    Alexander v. Humboldt donated this souvenir from his voyage 1829 through Russia and to the northern border of China to the Königliche Bibliothek zu Berlin, which his brother Wilhelm helped develop into a central cultural institution of Prussia. Compasses like this are still used today for Fengshui. For better durability they are varnished. Libri sin. 234

  • Snow flakes

    In the highly illustrated work Hokuetsu seppu (北越雪譜, 1836/1842) the customs and life style in a region in the Echigo Province (Niigata Prefecture) that was known for deep snow are introduced. The title was a bestseller in its day. Call number: Libri japon. 667 (Link)