Link your CrossAsia Account with the user account of your home institution

CrossAsia offers its registered users the opportunity of a linked login that allows them to access resources of their home institution and those provided by CrossAsia with only one login. In order to use this opportunity, users need to link their CrossAsia account with that of their home institution. This process needs to be done only once.

This is how it works:

  • In case you are logged in at CrossAsia please log off and log in at your home institution (see link below)
  • After a successful login at your home institution your user ID is displayed on this page below
  • Enter your CrossAsia user name and password into the respective fields
  • After submitting the form the two accounts are linked

After linking your accounts please only use your home institution’s login to access CrossAsia. Your CrossAsia login data do not work anymore. A detailed description about the login and further explanation can be found here.

Please log in first with the Shibboleth identity provided by your organisation.

Additional Information

How to link your Account

Technical Note

In order for successfully link your accounts your home institution needs to transmit your name and a unique ID within the DFN-AAI federation. After linking your accounts you will be redirected to your home institution to log in with the user data of your home institution’s account. Your password will never be transmitted to CrossAsia.

In case you experience any difficulties in the process of linking the CrossAsia account to your home institution’s user ID, please provide the following information to the person responsible for user accounts at your home institution: the attribute eduPersonUniqueID need to be transmitted to the service providers with the following IDs and You are welcome to provide the following e-mail address as contact for technical queries: erf-admin(at)