General Information on Registration

Who can register with CrossAsia and who can access what kind of resources?

Everyone with a valid email address can register with CrossAsia to use the following services:

When using these services you agree to the terms of use of the CrossAsia Forum and the CrossAsia Campus.

Individuals (such as teachers, researchers, students etc.) affiliated to a German institution which takes part in the "Blauen Leihverkehr" can in addition use the following services after registration:

  • licensed databases with Asia content provided via CrossAsia
  • all other services which are subject to registration in the context of the Specialised Information Service (Fachinformationsdienst, FID) CrossAsia – FID Asia.

How to register?

Please fill in the registration form. For a registration with access to licensed databases please select your city and the institution you are affiliated with; all other users please select "None of the listed institutes".

After completing the online form you receive a PDF document via email; please follow the instructions included.

You will be informed via email when your CrossAsia account is activated.

The account has to be renewed every year. Before your account expires, we send you an email and ask for extension.