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CrossAsia offers users located in Germany access to selected digital resources and databases subject to licence that contain relevant information for Asia studies. Owners of a Berlin State Library card can login with their usual data. Others need to register (with affiliation to one registered institution). For a list of additional databases, including free databases, please deactivate the default filter "licensed".

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Database Resource Type Description Comment
ヨミダス歴史館 (読売新聞)
YOMIDAS REKISHIKAN, the new database service of The Yomiuri Shimbun, is Japan’s first online ...
聞蔵 II ビジュアル for libraries (Asahi Shimbun)
The “Kikuzo II visual for libraries” is the electronic version of Asahi Shimbun. The database ...
Nikkei Telecom 21 is a group of comprehensive business database services offered by Nihon Keizai ...
Beijing Review : 北京周报
The resource contains not only the full set of the English version of the Beijing Review (or Peking ...
毎索 毎日新聞社のデータベース
Maisaku is the online version of the Japanese newspaper Mainichi Shinbun. It consists of several ...
沖縄タイムス記事データベース : Okinawa Times
The database covers articles relating to the fields of politics, economy, society and others ...
Library PressDisplay
The database gives access to 1965 newspapers - on the day they are published, and 90 days ...
Taiwan Nichinichi Sinpou 《臺灣日日新報》
The database comprises the complete contents of the newspaper Taiwan Nichinichi Sinpou 《臺灣日日新報》 of ...
PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE USING THE DATABASE: Please note that access to Fujin kôron through ...
婦人畫報 (婦人画報)
PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE USING THE DATABASE: Please note that access to Fujin gahô through ...