Get It is the CrossAsia service for ordering research materials. Order printed materials via the inter-library-loan service Blauer Leihverkehr, make an acquisition request via CrossAsia PDA or recommend Asia-related titles for digitisation (DoD).

CrossAsia is committed to the idea of open access and with its three publication platforms CrossAsia Repository, CrossAsia Journals and CrossAsia Books supports open access free of charge to academic information.

This website offers introductory information on research data in Asia-related studies as well as links to pages with further information.

CrossAsia Lab offers different tools and small programs which were developed in the context of CrossAsia.

Im Fokus unserer hybriden Vortragsreihe CrossAsia Talks stehen Objekte unserer Sammlungen im weitesten Sinne. Es referieren Forscher:innen und Kolleg:innen aus Deutschland, Europa, Asien und den USA. Vergangene Vortr├Ąge sind in Form von YouTube-Videos archiviert.