Guidelines and instructions for CrossAsia DoD orders

Only digitisation orders can be accepted that

  • refer to Asia related titles or are written in an Asian language.
  • refer to works which are in the public domain, i.e. at least seventy years beyond the death of the author, or out of print works by a German publisher with publication year until 1965, or for which the author (i.e. copyright holder) grants CrossAsia with the non-exclusive rights for digitisation and online presentation. Please ask us if you need help with copyrights clearance.
  • are not digitised and freely available on the Internet.
  • aim for a complete reproduction of the independent bibliographical unit – e.g. monographs, journal volumes, yearbooks, commemorative publications, and collections, but not individual articles therefrom.
  • do not aim for a commercial or industrial use of parts or the whole digitised object.

If these conditions do not apply, please use the general digitisation services of Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin and Heidelberg University Library.

A rejection of DoD orders – including those that are in conformity with the criteria above – remains subject to the institutions. Possible reasons, amongst others, are for conservation reasons, if the available funds are exhausted, or because of a distributive justice for very extensive digitisation orders.

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Contact Southasia

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