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CrossAsia's "Translit " tool enables you to create original text in non-Latin alphabets by simply typing plain Latin letters. For example, if you enter "Mongol bichig" into the first window, the tool will provide the corresponding Cyrillic Mongol wording – Монгол бичиг. Additionally, the transliteration commonly used in German libraries is generated below under the heading "RAK" – Mongol bičig ("RAK" is short for "Regeln für die alphabetische Katalogisierung", an acronym meaning "rules for alphabetic cataloguing"):

The Romanization used for the "Translit" tool is here.

Besides Cyrillic, the tool offers a similar implementation for Uyghur in the Arabic script. Select "Uigur" instead of "Cyrillic" in the window called "Select Writing". A phrase such as "vuyghur tili" will yield the following result:

For Romanization of Uyghur please see: here