The idea in itself has always been simple – yet we were not sure whether it is a good one or rather useless. Here it is: whenever you open a document on your computer – a PDF file, a word file, a browser or whatever – you may find it useful to check what other information can be found relating to the subject you are working on. You may be interested if a book on your topic is available for loan, or be keen on additional resources that can be found on the web. xA Desktop provides an easy way to do exactly that. Once the script is downloaded, a CrossAsia search is started whatever file it is you are currently using. All you have to do is to highlight the particular search term you are interested in and drag it with the cursor on the xA Desktop. It is also possible to keep several terms or even search strings simultaneously and have the xA search carried out subsequently. Whatever choice you make, CrossAsia will show you appropriate results.


Please use the xA Desktop as following: 

  1. Download: Windows 7 Version or Java runnable file

  2. Start: To start the tool use the following command for java tool: java -jar crossasiaSearch-1.0.jar or click twice on windows version. 

  3. Open a document or other text editing / viewing tool  

  4. Highlight the search text

  5. Drag and drop the text into the selection list

  6. Select the text and start the search on CrossAsia using the button "Suche starten"

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