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CrossAsia bietet Nutzerinnen und Nutzern mit Sitz in Deutschland Zugang zu einer Auswahl lizenzierter digitaler Ressourcen und Datenbanken mit Asienbezug. Inhaber und Inhaberinnen eines Benutzerausweises der Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin können sich mit den üblichen Daten einloggen. Ansonsten ist eine Registrierung (mit Zugehörigkeit zu einer der gelisteten Institutionen) bei CrossAsia erforderlich, um diese Ressourcen zu nutzen. Eine Übersicht über weitere, auch nicht lizenzpflichtige Datenbanken erhalten Sie, wenn Sie den voreingestellten Filter "lizenziert" entfernen.


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Database Resource Type Description Comment
東方雜誌 : The Eastern Miscellany
Shanghai, published between 3. November 1904 and December 1948. Contains: 44 juan 卷 (volu ...
中国报纸资源全文数据库 : Apabi China newspapers full-text database
The database gives access to a collection of national and regional Chinese newspapers from 2007 ...
申报 : ^The^ Shun Pao
The Shenbao-database offers access to the most important historical newspaper in China. Shenbao ...
大成老旧刊全文数据库 : Dacheng Old Periodicals database
The database is a treasure trove for unexpected things. Some materials (as the 万国公报) are digitized ...
Apabi 民国期刊 : Chinese Republican Journals
This collection of Chinese Republican Journals assembles 629 different journal titles with together ...
人民日报 : People's daily
This fulltext-database offers access to all issues of the Renmin Ribao from its earliest appearance ...
晚清期刊、民国时期期刊全文数据库 : 1833-1949 Chinese Periodical Full-text Databases
The interface gives access to the early period of Chinese periodical publishing covering the time ...
WiseSearch : 慧科資訊
The resource gives access to hundreds of newspapers, magazines, government and company informations ...
聯合知識庫 : United Daily News Group knowledge base
The United Daily newspaper 聯合報 is one of the three biggest Taiwanese newspapers. It was established ...
Library PressDisplay
The database gives access to 1965 newspapers - on the day they are published, and 90 days ...
Taiwan Nichinichi Sinpou 《臺灣日日新報》
The database comprises the complete contents of the newspaper Taiwan Nichinichi Sinpou 《臺灣日日新報》 of ...
人民日报 (1946- Present) : People's Daily - Renmin Ribao (1946 - Present)
With publication started in June 1946 and a current circulation of 3 million, People's ...
光明日报图文电子版 (1949-2017) : Guangming Daily
The光明日报 (“GuangmingDaily“) is a national daily newspaper in Chinese published in the ...