The woman who kills drug dealers

BBC News - Asia
The BBC's Jonathan Head explores the Philippines' dark underbelly of police raids, dealers and assassins through the story of one woman trapped in a chilling predicament.

Indonesian man arrested as 650 pangolins found dead in freezers

BBC News - Asia
Indonesian authorities seize the frozen bodies of more than 650 critically endangered pangolins and arrest a man.

How cancer made this woman’s breast Instagram famous

BBC News - Asia
During her year of breast cancer, Sydney woman Alison Habbal occupied hours of nausea and exhaustion by planning for her post-sickness rebirth.

Czech hiker describes 'harrowing' 30-day ordeal after partner's death in NZ

BBC News - Asia
A Czech hiker who went missing a month ago in the snowy mountains of New Zealand describes the "harrowing" 30-day ordeal in which her partner died.

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CPC top leadership adopts plan to build "Healthy China"

The top leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on Friday adopted a plan aiming to build a healthy China in the next 15 years.

Development issue to take prominent position in G20 Hangzhou summit

The upcoming G20 Summit will focus more on development issues to inject new impetus into the world economy and promote international consensus on development, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang said Friday.


&$   郑玉焯资料照片。   中纪委昨天通报,辽宁省人大常委会副主任郑玉焯因涉嫌拉票贿选、索要财物,已被“双开”并移送司法机关。今年三四月间,辽宁省两名副省级官员及省委原书记王珉先后被查,他们无一例外都涉嫌在辽宁“拉票贿选”。8月25日发布的辽宁省“回头看”整改通报则进一步表明,拉票贿选不仅在省委、省人大存在,司法机构省法院、省直部门发改委以及大连、鞍山、朝阳等地级市也同样存在。   授意他人做工作拉票   中纪委昨天的通报显示,郑玉焯索要财物,搞拉票贿选,授意他人做工作拉票。索要财物问题涉嫌受贿犯罪;搞拉票贿选问题涉嫌破坏选举犯罪。   对比被查的另一名省人大常委会副主


&$   京华时报讯(记者卫张宁)昨天下午,民政部官网通报了对4家慈善基金会以及2家社会团体做出行政处罚的决定,其中慈孝特困老人救助基金会因在超出章程规定的宗旨和公益活动的业务范围开展活动被撤销登记。   据民政部官网通报,慈孝特困老人救助基金会存在超出章程规定的宗旨和公益活动的业务范围开展活动以及在编制财务会计报告中弄虚作假的违法行为,情节严重,依据《基金会管理条例》的相关规定,民政部决定对慈孝特困老人救助基金会作出撤销登记的行政处罚。   巨人慈善基金会因违反《基金会管理条例》被处停止活动一个月,天合公益基金会和永恒慈善基金会因未按规定完成2014年度公益事业支出额度,被处以警

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七夕ゆかりの平城宮跡、まるで星空に LEDで彩り


「卑劣な事件に負けない」 相模原殺傷、生存者の両親


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Gov't to Subsidize All Infertility Treatment

The Chosun Ilbo
The government will subsidize all infertility treatments from next month to raise Korea's record-low birthrate. Currently it only subsidizes infertility treatment for couples who earn less than W5.83 million a month (US$1=W1,117). The Ministry of Health and Welfare announced the decision Thursday a...

Korean Expat Fingered in Rumor of Samsung Chief's Death

The Chosun Ilbo
A Korean expatriate in the U.S. has been fingered as the source of a rumor that Samsung chairman Lee Kun-hee is dead, which sent the Korean stock market into a panic in late June. The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said on Thursday that it has placed the man, identified by his surname Choi (30), ...

N.Korea 'Developing Bigger Missile Submarine'

The Chosun Ilbo
U.S. and Japanese experts believe that North Korea is developing a new submarine even bigger than the 2,000-ton it now uses for the launch of ballistic missiles, the website 38 North said Thursday. Military boffin Joseph Bermudez, whose information is usually sound, told a conference hosted by 38 No...

CJ Group Makes Fortune's 'World-Changing Companies' List

The Chosun Ilbo
CJ Group has been chosen by U.S. business magazine Fortune as one of the "7 world-changing companies to watch." The Korean conglomerate is Asia's only company on the list, included for a successful rural development project it has implemented in Vietnam over the last three years, a CJ spokesman sai...

Prosecutors to move into Mega Bank

Focus News
TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Prosecutors were planning to move into the Mega International Commercial Bank to speed up the investigation into alleged money laundering, reports

Survival of quake victims depends on many factors

Focus News
NEW YORK (AP) -- How long can people survive in the rubble of an earthquake?A week or more under the best circumstances, some experts say.

Mom convicted of killing girl whose body was found in ravine

Focus News
PITTSBURGH (AP) -- A woman who wrote on Facebook that "Mommy loves you, my angel" after her 3-year-old daughter was found dead in a ravine

The Latest: Computer hack exposes millions in Northwest

Focus News
BOISE, Idaho (AP) -- The Latest on a computer breach involving Northwest hunting and fishing license sales (all times local):1:24 p.m.Officials say a computer breach

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Xuxiu Siku quanshu, Daozang jiyao und Qing historical resources im Volltext Volltexte und Scans der Originalseiten der über 5000 Titel umfassenden Sammlung chinesischer Titel der Sammlung Xuxiu Siku quanshu stehen ab sofort für CrossAsia Nutzer zur Verfügung. Als weitere Ressourcen aus dem Diaolong Portal (雕龍–中國日本古籍全文檢索資料庫) – ein gemeinsames Projekt japanischer, VR chinesischer und taiwanesischer Akteure – konnten „Essentials of the Daoist Canon“ (Daozang jiyao 道藏集要) und […]

CrossAsia-eBooks ist online … … mit einer Neuerscheinung zum Thema Arbeitsmigration: Im Vorfeld der näher rückenden FIFA-Weltmeisterschaft in Katar wächst das mediale Interesse an der großen Rolle, die ausländische Arbeitskräfte für das rasante Wachstum der Golfstaaten-Metropolen spielen, und an den oft problematischen Arbeits- und Lebensbedingungen dieser Menschen. Deutlich weniger Aufmerksamkeit gilt jedoch dem ‚anderen Ende‘ dieser Migrationsprozesse, nämlich den […]

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