US seeks clarity on Duterte 'separation' comments

BBC News - Asia
The US says it will seek clarity from the Philippines on President Rodrigo Duterte's announcement while in China of a "separation from the US".

Pakistan bans all Indian TV and radio as tensions mount

BBC News - Asia
All Indian TV and radio programmes are now off air in Pakistan, following a spike in tension between the two countries over disputed Kashmir.

Millions of Indian debit cards 'compromised' in security breach

BBC News - Asia
A number of Indian banks are taking safety measures amid fears that the security of millions of debit cards may have been compromised.

Australia and Thailand ban chanting at World Cup qualifier

BBC News - Asia
Football officials from Thailand and Australia ban chanting at next month's World Cup qualifying match out of respect for the late Thai king.

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Xi hails Long March as "epic," calling for realization of "centenary goals"

Chinese President Xi Jinping hailed the Long March as an "epic, human miracle," and called for efforts to realize the "two centenary goals" and the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation in "a new Long March."

China determined to push forward fight against corruption: Xi

Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged unswerving efforts to promote clean governance and fight corruption, as the nation commemorated the 80th anniversary of the victory of the Long March with a gathering on Friday.


&$ 人民网北京10月20日电 中央纪委宣传部和中央电视台联合制作的大型电视专题片《永远在路上》第四集《利剑出鞘》今晚播出。 详细脚本如下: 【纪实:煤矿工人下井前诵读安全规章】 矿工:我宣誓:遵章守纪、执行规程、珍爱生命、平安回家。 【解说】这是山西大大小小煤矿中普通的一个。工人们正准备排队下井,这样的场景每天都在山西各地上演着。 这个面积只有全国六十分之一的省份,却出产着全国四分之一的煤炭。随着工人们下井劳作,从井下输出的是源源不绝的煤炭资源。 【解说】有一句话说,山西因煤而兴、因煤而困。丰富的煤炭资源一度撑起山西的经济发展,但山西也因此面临环境破坏的危机、安全生产的压


&$   “监督执纪‘四种形态’提出之前,执纪者眼睛里只看见少数几棵病树,看不到整片森林;‘四种形态’的提出,让执纪者把注意力从少数病树转向了整片森林,这是一个重大的理论创新。”日前,中央纪委驻国资委纪检组组长江金权如是评价。   2015年9月,中共中央政治局常委、中央纪委书记王岐山在福建调研时提出,要运用好监督执纪的“四种形态”:党内关系要正常化,批评和自我批评要经常开展,让咬耳扯袖、红脸出汗成为常态;党纪轻处分和组织处理要成为大多数;对严重违纪的重处分、作出重大职务调整应当是少数;而严重违纪涉嫌违法立案审查的只能是极极少数。   一年来,各地区各部门积极实践监督执纪“四种形态

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長周期地震動、近畿・四国・長野でも観測 鳥取地震


青森ねぶた、東京で堪能 29日から祭典


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Soyuz Capsule Docks with Int'l Space Station

The Chosun Ilbo
A Soyuz space capsule carrying astronauts from Russia and the United States has docked with the International Space Station after a two-day voyage. The docking took place smoothly Friday and the crew entered the space laboratory after a lengthy procedure to open its hatches. The mission is set to la...

Powerful Earthquake Shakes Western Japan

The Chosun Ilbo
A powerful earthquake has hit western Japan. The 6.6-magnitude quake with a shallow depth of 10 km struck Tottori, a prefecture on the Sea of Japan, Friday afternoon.The earthquake's severe shaking caused a power outage to tens of thousands of homes. "It shook quite violently," said Koji Nakahara, ...

Actress Seo Yu-jeong Feels More Comfortable in Her Own Skin

The Chosun Ilbo
It has been almost 20 years since actress Seo Yu-jeong, who currently appears in a weekday soap, made her debut in 1997. She is still shining as bright as she used to. When asked how she has managed to hold on to her figure and looks, Seo said, "I used to work out a lot, but these days I don't have ...

More Koreans Travel Solo

The Chosun Ilbo
More and more Koreans are happy to travel the world on their own as traditional collective values erode. Last year some 206,000 people bought plane tickets or tours for one person from Korea's biggest travel agency Hana Tour last year, up nearly five-fold from 2011. At online travel agency Interpar...

Cabinet to set up 18 Southward Policy platforms

Focus News
TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The government will set up separate platforms for each of the 18 countries targeted by its “New Southward Policy” and draw

Montana judge sparks outrage with no prison time for incest

Focus News
HELENA, Mont. (AP) -- A judge's decision not to order prison time for a Montana man who raped his 12-year-old daughter has sparked outrage from

Judge: Poker pro Ivey, pal broke gambling rules in $10M win

Focus News
ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) -- A federal judge says poker pro Phil Ivey and a companion violated New Jersey gambling regulations in the way they

Russian indicted on charges he hacked LinkedIn

Focus News
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- A Russian man has been charged with hacking and stealing information from computers at LinkedIn and other San Francisco Bay Area

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Stellenausschreibung: Fachreferent/in für Koreanistik In der Ostasienabteilung der Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – Preußischer Kulturbesitz suchen wir zum 1. Januar 2017 eine Fachreferentin für Koreanistik / einen Fachreferenten für Koreanistik befristet für die Dauer von 3 Jahren, Entgeltgruppe 13 TVöD, Kennziffer: SBB-IIIF-2-2016. Weitere Informationen zum Aufgabengebiet und zur Stelle finden Sie unter:

EAJRS 2016 Conference „International Cooperation Between Japanese Studies Libraries” Vom 14.-17. September 2016 fand in Bukarest die 27. Jahrestagung der European Association for Japanese Resource Specialists (EAJRS) mit dem Titel „International Cooperation Between Japanese Studies Libraries” statt. Die Konferenz wurde organisiert durch das Japanese Language and Literature Department der Universität Bukarest. Die stattliche Halle der Zentralen Universitätsbibliothek  „Carol I“ bot einen idealen Rahmen für […]

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