Bangladesh pilgrims die in stampede

BBC News - Asia
At least 10 Hindu pilgrims are killed in a stampede during a bathing ritual at a holy site in Narayanganj, Bangladesh, police say.

Singapore advises against Lee queues

BBC News - Asia
Singaporean authorities say the queue to view statesman Lee Kuan Yew lying in state is now nine hours long and urge people not to join.

China's 'magic bunny' goes viral

BBC News - Asia
The man who photographed the endangered Ili Pika fears its sudden online fame could damage attempts to save it.

North Korea 'arrests South spies'

BBC News - Asia
North Korea says it has arrested two South Korean men for spying, amid ongoing tensions between the two Koreas.

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China's Guangdong province invests billions in robot factories

The province also plans to build two advanced industrial bases for robot production by the end of 2017 7.The plan came as Guangdong struggles with labor shortages and mounting labor costs,problems common to China's wealthy coastal provinces where the rise in living costs are driving migrant workers to inland parts of China a.

China, Mongolia meet on cross-border trade zone

China and Mongolia have agreed to dedicate nine square km on either side of their border to a joint economic zone, in their first meeting on the issue.



国资委今年将对18家央企开展巡视 首批已进驻6家


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宝塚線事故、2審も無罪 JR西の歴代3社長に大阪高裁


雪印メグミルク工場から硝酸漏れ出す 北海道・別海町


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Arsonist Attacks Korea Cultural Center in Tokyo

The Chosun Ilbo
An arsonist attempted to set fire to the Korea Cultural Center in Shinjuku, Tokyo around midnight Wednesday. The unidentified person ran away after setting fire to two portable Zippo lighter fuel canisters outside the center's side gate at 11:50 p.m., the Korean Embassy in Tokyo said Thurs...

Lawmakers Get Richer

The Chosun Ilbo
Almost 82 percent of lawmakers got richer last year mainly due to a rise in the value of their real estate holdings, suggesting that the political class is slow to clean up its act. Some 134 lawmakers saw their wealth increase by more than W100 million (US$1=W1,056), and 12 more than W500...

New Korean Satellite Sent into Space

The Chosun Ilbo
The homegrown Arirang-3A multipurpose satellite was successfully sent into space on Thursday. Once it is operational, the satellite will be cable of observing the earth even at night or in bad weather thanks to infrared vision.The Arirang-3A satellite was launched from the Yasny base in Ru...

Park Tae-hwan to Hold Press Conference Over Doping Scandal

The Chosun Ilbo
Star swimmer Park Tae-hwan is finally set to appear in public to talk in person about the doping scandal that took him to a disciplinary hearing at FINA, the international swimming governing body. Park's agency Team GMP said on Thursday that he would hold a press conference at a hotel in ...

Co-pilot deliberately slams plane in Alps; families ask why

Focus News
Passengers with moments to live screamed in terror and the pilot frantically pounded on the locked cockpit door as a 27-year-old German co-pilot deliberately and

KMT wants confidence vote for premier back

Focus News
TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Confidence votes by lawmakers for a new premier should be reintroduced into the Constitution, Kuomintang lawmakers said Friday. The suggestion was one

FDA official demoted over Fukushima food

Focus News
TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A Food and Drug Administration official at a customs office in Keelung was the only person demoted to take responsibility for

Farglory fined over Taipei Dome threat to chimney

Focus News
TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – After a chimney at the nearby Songshan Tobacco Factory was found close to collapse, the Taipei City Government nevertheless decided against


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