CrossAsia Fulltext Search

The CrossAsia Fulltext Search is built from textual resources hosted in the CrossAsia Integrated Textrepository (ITR). It is open to all users. Its aim is to help users find texts and sources relevant to their research questions by performing comprehensive fulltext searches across databases. Search hits are displayed as short text snippets with their basic metadata. Access to the complete texts and images is restricted. To access the text in its original database context links are provided for CrossAsia users (in red) as well as for users with other access modes (in grey). Search results can be filtered by subject, time, author and other data as far as provided by the original metadata.

The ITR will grow continuously and more and more fulltexts will be included into the search. In addition to this type of more or less "plain" fulltext searches, CrossAsia will work on the improvement of data exploration and try to find additional modes of navigating the resources.

The two Beta version of CrossAsia Fulltext Search we offer to users - CrossAsia and beyond - are test cases and first attempts to the tasks at hand. We would therefore invite CrossAsia users - but also the broader research and library community - to explore and test the possibilities of these two versions and together develop ideas for the future. The two versions can roughly be characterized as "guided search" (type A), and "explorative search" (type B). Both versions use filters to drill down the search results and both offer links to the object in the database with the best granularity possible, i.e. directly to the page, article or the book or (as for the People's Daily and Erudition Fangzhi) only to the database.

For feedback, questions etc. please contact: x-asia(at)

Search the fulltexts of about 360,000 titles with 52.5 million pages archived in the CrossAsia ITR.

(A) "Guided" Fulltext Search

  • hits are grouped and displayed by book
  • books are ranked by their number of pages with hits
  • only the fulltext is searched

(for more info click "i" on the search page)

(B) "Explorative" Fulltext Search

  • book and page hits are ranked according to their index score
  • fulltext and metadata (books, articles, chapters) are searched at the same time

(for more info click "i" on the search page; Type B is currently not compatible with IExplorer)